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The Goddess within...

Tai Christie

Jewellery is very often the last justifiable purchase on a girl's very busy list of things to buy. We balk at spending money on something frivolous and lovely when we have food, clothes, mortgage and endless bills to pay for. But I would argue that nothing beats the purchase and wearing of a piece of individual jewellery which will live on long after your Agnes B cashmere cardi has given up the ghost. 

Since the dawn of time women have used body adornment as a reflection of the inner self.  Worn to show status, rank, culture, political or religious afflilations, jewellery can be an artistic display but also a talisman, giving protection to the wearer. This may sound superstitious, but we all have that favourite piece of jewellery that we miss when removed and couldn't bear to live without. 

Many of my pieces are named after Goddesses of the sea. I have a passion for myths & legends, inspired by my teacher of Classics at Plockton High school; a formidable and take-no-prisoners Mrs Murchison.  A piece of jewellery can truly make you feel like a Goddess. Whether you are overwhelmed with deadlines, frazzled with toddlers or teenagers , caring for elderly parents , going through a relationship breakdown, feeling fat and dreading summer ...take some time to choose a piece of silver that  will make you feel better, stronger, beautiful. Because jewellery looks good on all shapes and sizes. On all ages. On any skin. 


 Aphrodite Necklace

Aphrodite Necklace

The good, the bad and the ugly...

Tai Christie

This week began with a sublime day of silversmithing outdoors in the shade of a scorching sun, to a day of talking business with my bank manager whilst the rain poured down outside. Its never dull in the world of silver jewellery design,  as it's as unpredictable as the Great British Summertime.

One of the many things I love about Silversmithing is that no mistake is a true mistake. Nothing can be a complete disaster though it may well feel so at the time.

But a melting of a bezel or a warping of silver sheet can often lead to designs that may never have entered your head. 

A while ago I was hammering a bangle ....a design I've done so many times ...when I realised it was twisting and no amount of annealing, quenching or manipulation was going to pull it back from the brink. It was a disaster. It was ugly. It was a waste of silver wire. 

It was an interesting curved shape though and I put it in my toolbox to ponder....(I have a lot of these 'works in progress'!)

A week later out it came. After soldering two jump rings at either end and then attaching some diamond cut belcher chain....Voila! My bestselling 'River' necklace . 


 River Necklace

River Necklace


Tai Christie

After two years of  jewellery parties, selling to friends/colleagues and endless craft fairs and school fetes,  I've finally taken the plunge and opened my website!!

So exciting and terrifying all at the same time. 

I'm sure there will be hurdles along the way but of one thing I am absolutely certain....I was meant to Silversmith and I am brimming with ideas for jewellery so watch this space.

In my shop you will find some of my more popular pieces and I have a new range awaiting photography that I will be adding very soon. 

I'm not a big company...I make silver jewellery on my own...and the idea of being online is challenging. I veer from "What if no-one looks at my site?" to " What if I'm swamped with orders I cannot possibly fulfil immediately?"

As a wise friend said to me 'Tai....that's a good worry to have!! Just do it'.

And so here I am... just doing it.