Tai Christie Silversmith

Hand crafted Fine & Sterling silver jewellery


Bespoke Bangles:

'Thank you for making the perfect Birthday gift for my sister's 50th. I feel so happy that I have given her something meaningful and personal for such an important occasion. My sister has always complained of never finding bangles to fit her tiny wrists and when I presented her with 3 of your hand crafted and beautifully contrasting bangles she was thrilled. Most of all I hadn't realised the satisfaction i would get from knowing that I have given her a gift that was ESPECIALLY MADE FOR HER and therefore, truly one of a kind. It IS possible to buy beautiful, affordable but genuinely unique pieces and the satisfaction of giving those is far higher than something mass produced. It made me intensely happy to receive one of your bangles (which is how I found you) but it made me just as happy to give one or three! I shall be back for Christmas!' Fabienne, Hertford.

Poppy seed necklace:

'I bought my stunning Poppy seed necklace at Christmas and it hasn't left my neck since! It's so original, organic and understated ; people are always coming up to me and asking where I got it. The heaviness of the poppy seed makes the necklace sit beautifully on any outfit and I particularly love the unique clasp. Tai Christie jewellery are investment pieces that you certainly won't regret. The only downside of buying this talented ladies jewellery is that you'll never wear any of your old pieces again!' Jenny, Jersey.

Bespoke Silver and Gold Cuff Bracelet :

'Over the last few years I have bought and commissioned lots of lovely pieces from Tai. I have rings, earrings and necklaces all made beautifully and all are very special to me. The care, and thought that's put into them. My bracelet is exceptional...you could never find a piece the same anywhere. Just perfect.' Michaela, Hertford.

Mother and child necklace and Cove bangle:

'I have several beautiful pieces all lovingly made by Tai with great attention to detail. I wear them all the time and get many compliments. Tai offers excellent customer service...she really cares. Thank you. I look forward to another purchase soon!' Judith, Hertford.

Bespoke silver necklace:

'Thank you Tai, for my stunning silver necklace...love the fact that I can adjust its length. Best of all it always makes me smile when I put it on. Just perfect.' Angela, Hertford.

Pebble Earrings:

'Thanks for my gorgeous earrings and super-fast delivery. I wear them every day!' Abbie, Hertford.

Woodland Ring:

'Unique, Intricate and feminine, haven't taken my ring off since purchasing.' Helen, Hertford.

 River necklace and Galene necklace:

 'I am a hard person to please where jewellery is concerned, but Tai's lovely designs caught my eye. My favourite pieces are the River necklace which can be worn as casual or dressy and a diamond link necklace, which when worn, always receives nice comments. Tai also adapts any piece to your requirements. Nothing is too much hassle.' Gaye, Poplars Green.

Naiades Earrings:

' I struggled to wear earrings as I wore heavy ones when a teen and wrecked my ears. Tai's earrings are so delicate and light that I can wear dangly earrings once again. So comfortable and feminine. I have a pair in every colour.' Kate, St. Albans.

Eurybia necklace:

' I fell in love with a necklace but found the catch difficult as I have arthritis in my hands. Tai replaced the catch with her handmade design which not only makes it easy to put on but looks beautiful on the back of my neck. It's now my favourite piece of jewellery.' Ally, London.

Woodland Ring :

'Perfect-beautiful ring-I love it!' Caroline, Ealing.

Bespoke Daisy pendant: 

'I was looking to have a bespoke piece made incorporating a favourite stone from a much loved ring. After listening to a few of my ideas, the daisy pendant that Tai made me with the stone now set in the centre was perfect in every way and has now become a much loved piece in its own right.' Emma, Hertford.

Father and child necklace:

 'A fabulous chunky necklace which goes with nearly all my clothes. I wear it all the time now and it looks good with both casual and smart things.Ordering the necklace was really easy and I received it quickly. Will definitely order something else from Tai's collection.' Debbie, Surrey.

Mother and child necklace:

' Her work is timeless, exquisite and tactile. If you need a unique piece of jewellery people will admire for years to come, ask Tai to design one of her bespoke pieces. One piece of her jewellery won't be enough!' Karyn, St Neots.

Nerites necklace and Naiades earrings:

'Love, love, love my necklace and the beautiful earrings.' Carol, Hertford.

River bracelet :

'My favourite bracelet by Tai Christie. I never take it off-It's now part of me'. Jules, Watton-at-Stone.

Mussel shell pendant, River bangle and stacking rings:

'I love my coastal inspired jewellery by the talented silversmith, Tai Christie.' Lucie, Hertford.

River necklace:

'My fave necklace ever'. Claire, St Albans.

Cove Bangle:

'My absolute favourite piece of jewellery. Always complimented on its uniqueness. Simply gorgeous.' Abbie, Hertford.